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You can call
it a comeback

Take a historic Rye Whisky with a storied
past and tons of flavor, add in bartenders
seeking new inspiration and a couple healthy
dashes of creativity along the way. That’s the
story of Rittenhouse Rye.


The End of Prohibition

In 1934, Rittenhouse Square Straight Rye
Whisky hit the market and quickly became
known as the “Choice Pennsylvania Rye.”
The name was inspired by Philadelphia's
Rittenhouse Square, a historic park that was
renamed after the astronomer, inventor and
mathematician, David Rittenhouse. We like to
think the Rittenhouse name has been inspiring
great cocktails ever since.

The End of prohibition

The Cocktail Revival

After falling out of favor, cocktail culture made a
comeback. Craft bartenders looking for new
inspiration turned to the dusty pages of out-of-
print cocktail books. There they found historic
recipes featuring Rye, not Bourbon, and
Rittenhouse just so happened to be the only
Bottled-in-Bond Rye whisky on the market.

Discover the story of
how craft bartenders
— and Rittenhouse Rye —
helped revive modern
cocktail culture.

Watch the video below.

Discover the story of how craft bartenders
—and Rittenhouse Rye—
helped revive modern cocktail culture.


The Bartender’s Rye

Rittenhouse remains a must-have spirit for
any craft cocktail program. With hints of
sweetness and a spicy kick, it’s the perfect
choice for those looking to perfect a classic or
push their creative boundaries.

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The End of prohibition